by Gabriella de Oliveira

Employment in the U.S. is becoming more competitive by the day.

Consequently, it is important to think “outside the box” when looking for a job opportunity.

The best part is that it does not need to take a complete time-out of college, especially in senior year.

Life does not need to get harder when it is possible to use academic resources and directed it to work-life.

A senior comprehensive can achieve different goals. In this case, it will give students the chance to graduate successfully and get in touch with professionals who can offer seniors a chance.

The senior comprehensive can be a research study, performance, or project related to the major chosen. Let’s say a senior chose to research technology companies. For a better accomplishment of the project, it will be needed some data or insight about a company inside this industry.

So for example, it’s worth to try email Apple or Microsoft and get in touch with an insider – meet someone for coffee or an interview, if possible. It’s unlikely that this student will meet the head of the department, but it’s plausible that someone will be in contact, especially when it’s free marketing. This one person is all the connection needed to get a job, interview, or even a small opportunity. Once students are in, it becomes easier to see how it goes.

Moreover, it does not need to be a company exactly. This student can choose to make a project out of a famous person, such as a writer or an autonomous entrepreneur. People love to talk about themselves, so this will allow the professional to talk and learners to hear. The industry is all about networking. Every connection is important, so it is not smart to dismiss anyone.

The trick is to aim for professional focus. In that way, the goal will be one step closer. By making a senior comprehensive into an opportunity to network with professionals, the probability to meet someone that you will work for is huge.

All in all, not just the senior year will be loaded with good grades, but it will also open the professional door for graduates.

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