St. Francis welcomes one of its newest athletes who is new to the diving team, Taylah Harrison. Taylah comes all the way from Brisbane, Australia which is the third most populous city in the country.

She attended Moreton Bay College High School in Australia. She’s been diving for two years, it turns out before diving, she was practicing gymnastics for ten years.

That was until she tore her ACL (Anterior Criciate Ligament). After her surgery, she said, “My surgeon suggested I take diving since it is similar to gymnastics.”

Taylah really enjoys being here at St. Francis and indicated that our excellent swimming program is one of the reasons why she wanted to come as well as the opportunity to work with our diving coach, Brian.

She finds that living in New York is a lot colder and more populated than living in Australia. Her family consists of her mom, dad and four brothers who live in Australia.

“Although everyone was excited about me leaving my mom was a bit scared” She stated. She enjoys shopping, reading and running.

When it came around asking if she was going to go for the Summer Olympics after college, she said “no, I tried the Olympic path with gymnastics and I really didn’t like it. I like doing my sports for fun.

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