It’s been a long week for me and my team mates — had a few double sessions but I can see a real improvement from our team last year.
One clear improvement is that we have more scorers and also we have one of our star players, Kayode Ayeni, back.

We missed his scoring and rebounding last year but he seems to be back to his normal self and by normal self I mean fouling everybody.

I’m just kidding, but were really happy to have him back on the court.

We also have a great family atmosphere and we’re always together — if you see one of us more than likely your gonna see all of us and that’s what we missed last year — the brotherhood aspect.

That is essential with any good championship team — the ’96 Bulls, 07-08 Celtics, and the 08-09 Lakers — all these teams had star players but also role players which made them complete and everybody understood their roles.

It wasn’t about self — it was about the team and I believe that’s why these teams won championships.

But forget about all that, I’m waiting for our first game vs Brown and it’s getting real physical in practice — but the war stays inside the lines, once we’re off the court we’re back to being brothers.

Stay focused — ooh yeah and a great qoute my uncle gave which applies to basketball and life: “If you fail to prepare you prepare to fail.”

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