By Zanna Shapiro

Rising sophomore Henry Jimenez has been noticed on campus for his style and flare.

He was a part of the Art and Design Academy at New Utrecht High School.

During Henry’s time there, he discovered the Fashion Society Club.

He joined, and as a member “would create clothes for the fashion show which was held in the spring semester.”

His “fashion sense did not completely pull through until freshman year of college though.”

His fashion inspiration comes from many different places, “if I had to describe it in a couple of words I would describe it as SoHo/Street Style with my own twist.”

Henry is open-minded when it comes to shopping, “I shop anywhere I can find cute clothes.

“But my main stores are L Train Vintage which is a thrift shop in the city, Primark a store from the UK which recently opened up some locations in America, H&M, and Forever 21.”

As a communications major with a concentration in digital media, Henry would love for fashion to be part of his future career and “there is a possibility it might be.

“My future degree encompasses many different subject matters and allows me the freedom I need in order to be myself.

“One of my biggest dreams is to work for Buzzfeed as a producer or work as a social media manager for a company.”

You can keep up with Henry on instagram @zenemijyrneh.

His instagram “serves as my blog as well as a story of my life.”

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