With midterm week coming to a close students could only hope they used every resource at SFC to do their best.

Academic advisors and peer educators met with students on Oct. 28 for the Removing Obstacles to Success: Midterm Check-In. The event was a resource for students who are having difficulties in their classes.

It began with a presentation on stress. Students learned that good self-esteem can minimize stress. They also learned the importance of staying organized, treating college like a professional career, and balancing school, work, and their social life equally.

Students were then asked about their weakest subjects and peer educators discussed different methods to improve in those subjects.

Advisors then discussed what students should be doing mid-semester. They told them to talk with their professors to see how they can improve their grades and find out what they are doing wrong to improve themselves for the second half of the semester.

They then stressed the importance of a student’s GPA and discussed methods to raise it, reminding the students that if they want to get good grades, they should take breaks from studying when necessary, post reminders for themselves, and stay motivated.

The session ended with an exercise in which students came up with ideas on how to maintain A’s and B’s in their classes and shared them aloud.

Students must take advantage of these workshops because if midterms were struggle finals will be even more difficult.

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