By Zanna Shapiro

Headspace, an app designed for guided meditation, has unlocked free single meditations in honor of World Mental Health Day.

The app is free to sign up for, and users can try the starter Take 10 program for free.

The Take 10 program entails 10 minutes of guided meditation for 10 days.

Afterwards, users are encouraged to purchase a subscription.

Monthly subscriptions range from $5.74 to $14.95 per month.

Today, however, users need not pay!

“At Headspace our mission is to improve the health and happiness of the world, and a big part of that is erasing the stigma around taking care of our mental health.

“On World Mental Health Day, we’ve unlocked all of our singles so you can give your mind some extra TLC, and encourage someone you love to do the same.”

Headspace also offers tips for practice, such as starting small, trying to meditate at the same time every day, and reminding users that there’s no wrong way to meditate; “it’s tough to sit with the mind at first, but confidence comes with practice.”

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