by Zanna Shapiro

Ivy League institution Harvard University offers free online classes through the platform. offers classes from Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, etc. The website boasts that it provides access to over 2,500 classes from over 140 institutions.

Courses can be found directly on the website, but those interested in Harvard classes can find the list of available courses here:

Classes are open to all, and there are a variety of subjects ranging from music theory, to medicine, to data science, to coding, to meteorology and more.

Those interested have the option of “auditing” a course for free and having limited access to textbook and modules, but no graded assignments and no certificate of completion.

Or, students can pursue a “verified track” which requires payment but allows students to gain access to unlimited learning materials as well as graded assignments. With a verified completion of a course, you’d be able to publish it on your resume or LinkedIn profile.

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