Written By David Schoen and Lara Legath

On Thursday, November 16th, 2017, a Great American Smokeout event to quit smoking was held at St. Francis College, with the collective events lasting from 10am-3pm. Events took place in both the Callahan Center and Founders Hall. From 10am-3pm, a Health Fair entitled “#IWantToBeAFormerSmoker” was held. From 10am-12pm, a film screening of the movie “Black Lives, Black Lungs” was held. At noon, a Choir & Steppers performance was conducted by St. Joseph’s High School. Tobacco Free Tacos were served at 12:30pm. Lastly, from 1:30pm-3pm, a “Lung to Lung” panel was also held.

This was the 11th Great American Smokeout to be held, it’s a tradition here at St. Francis College that inspires good health and quitting bad habits in the student body. “When trying to quit smoking, support can make all the difference. #GASO” The movement was generated the the help of the American Cancer Society. The events are always free for everyone and full of helpful information and tips about smoking, visiting the yearly event will be worth it!

Image Source: Facebook