Poet Grace Schulman read from her seventh collection of poems, “Without A Claim” at St. Francis Colelge on October 30.

Schulman’s reading was sponsored by The Women’s Poetry Initiative directed by Dr. Wendy Galgan.

New York-born poet published Without a Claim in September of 2013.

She is the author of “Days of Wonder: New and Selected Poems” which was voted as one of the best poetry books of 2002 by Library Journal.

Growing up with a poet for a mother, Schulman said she never realized she was a poet because she just loved to write.

Schulman has been awarded the Aiken Taylor Award of poetry, the Delmore Schwartz Memorial Award, a Guggenheim Fellowship, five Pushcart Prizes, a Fellowship from the New York Council on the Arts, and New York University’s Distinguished Alumni Award.

After college one of Schulman’s first jobs was at Glamour magazine. She said after seeing a performance of the jazz pianist Thelonious Monk she quit her job the next day and started to pursue her true love of writing.

Schulman was the poetry editor of The Nation for 36 years. She is currently living in New York City and is an English professor at Baruch College.

The poetry reading started with the opening poem “Without a Claim”. The poem spoke of owning land in Long Island that was once inhabited by Native Americans who did not own land, it was there’s without a claim to ownership.

Reading poems “The Sound” about time spent in Long Island, “Moon Shell” a love poem to her husband, and “Street Music Astor Place” about street drummers.

“Without a Claim” is Schulman’s seventh collection of poems.

Her words soothed the ears of all in attendance as Schulman opened up about stories of her life through her love of writing.

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