The best way to get around St Francis College is by using the escalators. While they are very convenient there is one major problem — they keep breaking down!

We do have staircases, but if you ask any student, odds are they would tell you that they use escalators to get to class. Let’s be honest, escalators are much more convenient.
The truth is the escalators in the building were installed to move large groups of students quicker.

The escalators were a part of the original construction of the building during the 1960s and early 1970s. The company that made our escalators was Otis — one of the most well known elevator/escalator companies.

Otis has been in business for about 150 years and originated in Yonkers, New York. Now, we have the repair company, Thyssen Krupp, to thank for our troubles.

Richard Relkin, Communications Director for Saint Francis College, said there are a few reasons why the school experiences technical difficulties regarding escalator repair.

Sometimes the escalators will shut down as a safety measure to protect students from any injury. However, normal wear and tear is often what causes the escalators to grind to a halt.

As Richard Relkin explained, “It’s like when you bring a car to the shop, sometimes the mechanic doesn’t have the part in stock and has to order it. It’s not fun waiting, but there could be a lot worse things to worry about.”

Relkin went on to say that littering on the escalators causes the internal machinery to become clogged with trash.

There are a lot of reasons why the escalators sometimes don’t work, but the student body has to do its part to avoid making this problem worse.

PHOTO: Students arriving late – yet again – for Prof. McSherry’s 8am class

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