New York’s New Digital Media, a panel of online executives, will be visiting St. Francis College to discuss how digital news is becoming more popular for local communities.

SFC students will hear from popular website officials such as BuzzFeed, DNAinfo, Gothamist, Corner News Media, and Capital New York.

Ben Smith, Editor-in-Chief of BuzzFeed will moderate the panel, which consists of four panelists— Michael Ventura, who is the Managing Editor for DNAinfo, Jen Chung, the Founder and Executive Editor of Gothamist, Liena Zagare, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher for Corner News Media, and Tom McGeveran who is the Co-Founder and Editor of Capital New York.

Since more than half of Americans read their news online, the panelists will argue that digital media is becoming the new ‘community newspaper’. In fact, Smith has even expanded BuzzFeed worldwide.

Prior to BuzzFeed, Smith wrote a column and blog for the New York Daily News, worked for the New York Observer, and began New York’s first political blog.

Ventura, the Managing Editor for DNAinfo, now runs daily newsroom operations but previously worked as a copy editor for The Daily News and a Web Producer for WNYC Radio.

Corner News Media is a network of seven neighbor news sites in Brooklyn. Zagare, the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, has many years of experience and a great news sense deciphering what news the public is most interested in.

Before Capital New York came along, McGeveran was an Editor at The New York Observer and worked at The New York Blade.

These extremely experienced writers, editors, publishers, and producers will give a great insight to the vast growth of digital media. This video shows how digital media has revolutionized media as a whole and will continue to grow.

St. Francis Scholar in Residence, Fred Siegel, organized this special and influential event, which is set to take place Monday September 22 in the Maroney Forum for Arts, Culture and Education (Room 7402).

It surely will not hurt to have your resume in your back pocket; you never know what opportunities may arise.

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