St. Francis College offers students more than just affordable tuition. It also offers full time evening students an opportunity to take two free courses after they have met the specified requirements listed in the 2009-2011 course catalogue. But how does this work?

According to the St. Francis College course catalogue, students taking 12-13 credits during fall or spring semester night classes may be eligible for up to two free courses during the intersession or summer sessions.

Student Financial Services offers applications to apply for the tuition waiver, which must be filed prior to the payment due date for the semester in which the waiver is being requested.

The course catalogue says that approved waivers cover only tuition charges and all other fees must be paid by the student.

Unfortunately, students must find out for themselves about the free courses because it is not advertised outside of the course catalogue.

St. Francis student Eunice C. Marks was stunned when she was told, “They should advertise it more.” A more informed student named Valerie Frangipani said, “The only way I found out about the free courses was from another student at SFC.” Some students may be unaware of these facts but there are other students that are benefiting.

Anything that helps students avoid getting deeper into debt is welcome.

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