By Annalisa Gangone

Hundreds of book lovers flocked to the 2018 annual Brooklyn Book Festival.

The festival included over 200 vendors and various publishing companies.

There were also multiple presentations open to the public situated all around Brooklyn Borough Hall.

On Sunday September 16, St. Francis College was open to the public as well.

Presentations featuring prominent panelists took place in the Callahan Center and workshops in room 3212.

I attended the 3:00 PM workshop Six Things a Publicist, Bookseller, Social Media Specialist, and Marketing Director want Every Writer to Know led by Jessica Stockton Bagnulo, Rich Kelley, Jen Maguire, and Bridget Marmion — all professionals in the publishing, marketing and general book selling field.

The room was filled to the brim with aspiring authors, published authors and publicists. The turnout was so large that there were even people in the hallway listening to the presentation.

Each presenter had their own area of expertise and took about ten minutes each to talk about how to “learn the business of publishing” as Ms. Marmion put it.

At the end of the main presentation, there was time for a Q&A. People eagerly raised their hands to be able to ask the professionals their own questions.

All in all, this was just one of the many great presentations and workshops that were available to all this weekend.

Hopefully, next year’s Brooklyn Book festival will be just as much of a success!

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