by Raenu Yuteng

Raenu Yuteng is a 3rd year nursing student with a minor in public health. Below is her synopsis on COVID-19.

The Coronavirus is a pandemic that will forever leave an imprint on everyone’s lives, especially mine.

It has consumed not only my life, but everyone that I have met. It is a virus that releases droplets that travel to the back of nasal passages and to the mucous membranes in the back of the throat, attaching to a particular receptor in cells (Belluck).

This virus travels incredibly fast from one place to another with an origin starting so far away to travelling around the whole globe. It is a shame to see what it has been doing to healthcare settings, small businesses, and the economy.

Pursuing a career in healthcare has left me stunned. Witnessing the amount of people who incorrectly use their gloves and masks is shocking.

There are many cases of people reusing the masks or keeping it attached to their faces, as well as people wearing the same gloves throughout the day as they run their errands.

Personally, it seems as if people prefer to take shortcuts and rather not wash their hands for 20 seconds or longer. If the mindset of many people changed, this would reduce the amount of gloves needed, thus reducing contamination.

As a result of this, this has put many businesses into jeopardy by forcing them to shut down. Not only has this taken a financial toll on the lives of many, but this has also affected people mentally.

With all the panic arising, chaos in the supermarkets, especially wholesale markets like Costcos or BJs, it seems as if people prefer to follow the trend of others rather than conducting research on their own to find out what this virus truly is.

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