The Center for Entrepreneurship teamed up with the Entrepreneur Club to host an event titled “Peer 2 Peer Networking” on Monday, October 17 in the 6th floor lounge.

An exciting announcement was made at the beginning of the event: Entrepreneurship can now be taken as a minor at SFC.

Guest speakers at the meeting included entrepreneurs Marco Messina and Michael Kantaris. Messina and Kantaris created their own Youtube channel titled Italian Football TV (IFTV). On their channel, they translate Italian sports news into English and discuss the latest games.

Their successful channel has gained over 5,000 followers and subscribers. They encouraged everyone to follow their dreams because what seemed like a crazy idea at first is now attracting thousands of fans worldwide. “Consistency is our key,” they told the event’s attendees.

Messina and Kantaris also focused on the importance of doing what you love, and for them that was helping people. They started a GoFundMe campaign for a man who was struck by a drunk driver, and with the money donated, they were able to make this man’s dream of going to a game in Italy come true.

They emphasized the importance of joining the Entrepreneurship Club at SFC, stating that the club helped them establish who they are and what they want to do. It also helped them list exactly how they are going to reach their target goals.

A third guest speaker, Ron Johnson, founder of neighborhood grilled cheese sandwich restaurant Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen (MDK), also spoke about entrepreneurship. Since going to his grandmother’s house and seeing how food brought everyone together, Johnson’s main goal in life was to do just that, he said at the event. He started the restaurant—which he named after his beloved grandmother—with that ambition in mind.

In order to achieve his goal of starting his own business, he spoke with the owners of several restaurants who gave him great advice. He started out by setting small goals and built up to his big goal of owning his own restaurant. He said with a smile, “The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time”.

He offered up other important tips for young entrepreneurs, like going out and meeting people to form business partners. He also advised reading books and listening to podcasts on entrepreneurship.

He also encourages people to listen to their gut. He advised staying true to what you want, but remember be willing to be flexible, too.