Brooklyn may have to prepare to welcome the most notorious drug lord of today.

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman may be extradited to New York to face a 21 count indictment, officials said.

El Chapo — which translates to “shorty” — is facing charges including money laundering and 12 murders, according to authorities.

“El Chapo” could be held behind bars in Sunset Park, Brooklyn where he awaits his trial. Attorney General Loretta Lynch is looking to send him to be sentenced in either Kings County or Cadman Plaza East, according to officials.

Lynch’s decision will choose the fate of the drug lord.

Not only do Brooklyn prosecutors want a piece of El Chapo, but because he is known to have smuggled more than billions of dollars worth of cocaine and other illicit drugs he has earned indictments from major cities in the United States, one being Miami, authorities said.

On Friday January 8, El Chapo was captured for the second time while on the run for six months. Famous for escaping, he fled through a shower train which led to a tunnel underground dug out for him by his workers. Thus, a motorcycle was awaiting his fleeing.

The bloody arrest in Sinaloa, Mexico on January 8 led to the deaths of five suspects and six were arrested along with El Chapo, authorities said.

Shortly after the arrest was made Mexican President Enrique Peña confirmed the capture of the infamous drug lord by tweeting, “Misión cumplida”, which means mission accomplished.

El Chapo’s first escape in 1993 led Mexican officials to come to the conclusion of Guzman’s potential extradition to the United States.

The legal process will most likely be a lengthy one.
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