St. Francis College is giving students the opportunity to earn six credits on a Franciscan Pilgrimage in Spain.

From June 15 to July 3, students and faculty will backpack through the country’s northern region.

The journey will start in Leone and end near the coast of Spain in Santiago, a total of 200 miles on foot. Thousands of people from around the world walk this trail everyday to connect with the Franciscan culture within the Catholic religion.

“You will not be the same after experiencing this journey,” Religion Professor Alexandria Egler told SFC Today.

The walk includes small towns and villages and staying at hostels with other students from Saint Bonaventure University. Students will experience Spain from a different point of view than if they were to visit the usual tourist attractions. The daily walks consist of 15 miles a day and start at 7:30 am or earlier to avoid the scorching heat during the afternoon.

To qualify, students must take Egler’s two courses — Sacred Movement Through Scared Space during the academic year and Study Pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago during the summer.

The summer course is $2,400 and there is an additional course fee of $2,650, which includes the pilgrimage, lodging and most dinners. Scholarships and financial aid opportunities are available.

Egler highly recommends and welcomes everyone to attend this trip, even those who are not Catholic.

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