Communication Arts Professor Dr. Timothy Dugan is taking a highly-deserved sabbatical for the Spring 2013 term.

He has officially been on sabbatical leave since Dec. 15 of last year. Many students were looking forward to registering into courses that he lectured for the Spring 2013 semester and were disappointed at the discovery that he was not teaching.

When informed that many students were wondering of his whereabouts and hoping to hear great news soon, Dr. Dugan was pleased and said, “Next September I report back to St. Francis College.”

Dr. Dugan added, “I’m still around, I have to come in every day to swim and workout, I’m here a lot”.

When asked about further plans during his sabbatical, Dr. Dugan elaborated, “I have a couple of projects lined up. One has to do with Greek theater.”

But that isn’t the only project in the works for Dr. Dugan. “Another project will involve theater festivals in the Caribbean and Central America. So I’m headed out to El Salvador in a couple of days and begin that journey and project.”

Dr. Dugan elaborated on the El Salvador trip. “It’s up to my wife, I piggy backed off a business trip for her company — she works for a Salvadorian company. So I’m tagging along.”

There is a lot that Dr. Dugan is looking forward to in El Salvador. “They have unbelievable beaches, surfing beaches, I’m a beach fanatic, so I’ll be a part of that.”

Dugan is not worried about the language barrier in El Salvador, he said, “I speak a little bit of Spanish, I’m familiar with it, I struggle with it but I can get by.”

Dr. Dugan joked about keeping his El Salvador tan when he returns to New York, he said, “I’ll fake it. I’ll have to get one of those tans that my daughter goes to where they spray you or put you in a coffin.”

For students looking to get in contact with Dr. Dugan, he explained the best way is through Facebook and email.

Come September, Dr. Dugan will be back to teaching at SFC. His course load is likely to include: Interpersonal Communication, Mass Communication, and perhaps Media and Performance again or Theater Production Workshop.

Students will be on the lookout for Dugan’s name when classes open to register for the fall. But until then, he has a busy agenda to take care of during his sabbatical.

PHOTO: Monica Torero

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