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Downtown Brooklyn, notorious for being a multicultural hub, has a lot to offer this summer.

Through July and August, downtown Brooklyn is home to a variety of free events ranging from ping-pong and yoga to urban rhythms dancing.

First and foremost, soccer aficionados are encouraged to watch the FIFA World Cup Russia on a big screen set up in the MetroTech Commons.

There are also upbeat Zumba classes on Tuesday evenings with Dodge YMCA at MetroTech.

Or, join Movement Mondays, “a series of movement workouts, from Afro-Caribbean to Bollywood-themed and ballet to hip hop.

“Feel the energy and flow of a beginner modern dance class based on the José Limón technique. Taught by Brooklyn Ballet faculty and solo performer Belinda McGuire.”

For those looking for a more peaceful pastime, Meditation Mondays at MetroTech might be just what you need.

During lunchtime, the Vadjrahara Meditation Center provides half-hour meditation sessions in the MetroTech Commons as part of a summertime series.

One could also try an Urban Rhythms Dance with Mark Morris Dance Center at the Ashland Plaza.

On the first Friday of each month participants “of any level of experience will explore and create through Flex animation and Hip-Hop dance by using emotion, attitude, lyricism, choreography, and freestyle vocabulary.”

Also at the Ashland Plaza is BK Burn with Chelsea Piers Fitness Brooklyn, a “45-minute, high intensity interval training workout.

“This class is designed to sculpt your upper body, define your legs and glutes, and tighten your core. Using just your bodyweight, BK Burn combines strength exercises with short bursts of cardio intervals to give you a fantastic total body workout.”

Downtown Brooklyn has something to offer for everyone!

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