March 6 through March 13 is National Sleep Awareness Week.

To raise awareness about the benefits of sleep, Healthcare Management majors held a session today to encourage the SFC community to adopt better sleeping habits.

“Its really important to get sleep in order to function each day. If you don’t get enough sleep, you can get sick. Also a lot of people don’t know that if you stretch before you go to bed you can get this amazing night sleep,” said junior Marlina Reid

Part of the Healthy Habits Wednesdays, students Marlina Reid, Gabrielle Cruz, Monica Michalowski, Steven Nath, Javan Damberville and Benjamin Ogbonna presented pamphlets containing seven-day challenges with tips to combat drowsiness and increase energy and concentration.

“As an adult I am supposed to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep. I usually get about four hours of sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep you can increase your risk of heart disease. This leads to the deterioration of the body,” Reid added.

In addition to giving helpful resources, the session also offered promotional products from Bath and Body Works sleep therapy line. Products included cream, lotion and pillow spray.

“The lotion and cream are great therapy methods. One mist of spray on the pillow can help rejuvenate the mind,” explained sophomore Gabrielle Cruz.

Sophomore Monica Michalowski added, “As a college student we all do all-nighters when we have work. Some use caffeine as a way to stay awake, but too much caffeine–up to four cups–can lead to sleep insomnia.”

To further the initiative to sleep better, students and staff signed a pledge to give their body the sleep it deserves.

Some tips for getting better sleep include: try to go to sleep and get up at the same time, sneak in a 15 to 20 minute nap, get more sunlight in the morning, limit late-night TV, and leave a couple of hours between eating and going to bed.

To learn more about sleep awareness week visit https://sleepfoundation.org., the National Sleep Foundation’s official website.