By Zanna Shapiro

SFC alum Diamond* now works for the NYPD as an undercover detective in the Vice Enforcement Division.

“It isn’t exactly like the movies, but it can come pretty darn close to it,

“I love what I do and love the career path that I’m heading towards,” Diamond said.

When she was a student at SFC, Diamond majored in criminal justice and minored in sociology and forensic science.

She is also an alumni of KappaTheta Nu sorority.

She chose to attend St. Francis College “because it was the only college within the five boroughs that actually made me feel more than just a number.”

Diamond said that the staff seemed interested in her and her future and that solidified her decision to enroll.

Professor Steven Mullins was one of the many memorable teachers Diamond had, “particularly because he was a retired member of the NYPD, which is the career that I always aspired to be a part of and because his classes were always so interesting.Great teacher! Great guy!”

Her advice for SFC students past, present and future is “to never take the moments in your life for granted. The experiences that you will go through will shape who you are entirely.”

Diamond has been a New York City Police Officer for approximately four and a half years now.

She started off in a parole car wearing “the blue uniform that everyone is familiar with,” but as of 2017 she temporarily hung it up to go undercover.


*Full name withheld for privacy purposes.

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