Coming to America brings a new way of life for international students, and that includes culture shock.

With over 130 International students, coming from over 50 countries, SFC is a global hub.

Student Andrea Cieslar from Denmark said, “New York is a multicultural city, but it is the small differences which cause the biggest surprises. Everything seems new and needing my attention. It can be overwhelming.”

Culture shock is the personal disorientation when experiencing an unfamiliar way of life when going to a new country.

Navigating the subways, foreign languages, and living in a melting pot of millions of people can cause homesickness, which is common when adjusting to life in a new country.

Students can feel very alone as they seek familiarity and adjust to a new daily routine.

Most SFC international students are living away from the security of home for the first time.

Some ways to help with the shock is by taking in the best of both worlds.

There are over 17 different restaurants in Brooklyn Heights offering traditional international foods from all around the world, and plenty more in the rest of New York City. Take a bite from the Big Apple while savouring the delights of new foods and new experiences.

Many of the international students are athletes and can help deal with culture shock by spending time with their teammates as they have many common interests.

Some international students may want to join a club to help gain familiarity.

There are a variety of clubs on campus including the Eastern European club, African club, and Muslim Student Association that will assist and provide comfort to the international students. For more information on clubs at SFC click here.

Culture shock will become a thing of the past with time, or perhaps just a fleeting memory as interntaional students settle into a new life and America becomes their home away from home.

The International Student Coordinator at SFC is Yulia Zhiglova who organizes weekly group meetings for interntaional students.

Feel free to email Zhiglova at yzhiglova@sfc.edu for further information and any questions regarding culture shock.

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