Enough is enough! All you conspiracy theorist out there need to come back to earth. The fact that some people think that the Seattle Seahawks did not hand the ball off to running back Marshawn Lynch because he is ‘persona non grata’ is absolutely ridiculous.

The word ‘they’ has been thrown around a lot this past week. People have been saying ‘they’ didn’t want Lynch to score the game-winning touchdown. Conspiracy theorists believe that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Seattle Seahawks, and head coach Pete Carroll chalked up some evil plan to prohibit Lynch from having that moment.

I’ve been hearing that the play was called to make Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson be the hero and not “the bad guy” Lynch. Okay, if that were the case why in the world would you call for a pass out of the shotgun from the one-yard line! Wilson is a prolific runner, if ‘they’ wanted him to be the hero you call for an option run out of that formation.

Wilson is a great talent and the face of the franchise. He goes about his work by the book and does everything the right way, which makes him adored by all. With that being said he would never be the one to long for being the hero. He’s a team first guy and wanted that win more than anyone.

Yes, Lynch has been a handful for the NFL over the past month or so with his questionable behavior with the media. But that is certainly not the reason why he did not get the ball at the end of the game for the Seahawks.

There is no conspiracy about it. Pete Carroll simply made the worst call in the history of sports. There was a clear lapse in judgment. Carroll had Beast Mode in the backfield and he chose to throw the football. It was the terrible play call that lost the Seahawks the Super Bowl, not some conspiracy.

Carroll simply dropped the ball in the biggest moment of his coaching career. Mistakes happen, even if they are as monumental as this one. Lynch was arguably the best running back all season long rushing for 1,306 yards and 13 touchdowns. When you have a guy like that throwing the ball is not an option in that situation.

It was second down with less than 30 seconds to play and the Seahawks had a timeout to spare. Who knows if Lynch would have scored, but running the ball with him would have been the right call. In fact it was the only call to make actually.

Let’s wake up and smell the coffee people, you’re all telling me that Carroll would put his career on the line because he didn’t want his best player to be the hero. It’s laughable that people have actually thought this far into it.

This play will be examined with a microscope till the end of time, but what you will never find is the rubbish that you’re looking for.

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