By Brittany Sirabella

There is definitely no shortage of restaurants in the enclave of eateries and casual brunching in Brooklyn, and the Bay Ridge area is no exception!

There are some good eateries with a plethora of different cuisine options, but one that stands out from the rest is Campania Coal Fired Pizza.

Campania, located on the corner of 98th and 4th in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn was founded, by father and son duo John and Joey, who make sure to keep the place running smoothly by being involved and active.

When you first enter Campania you are automatically greeted by their friendly hosts who try to get you situated as soon as possible.

It is always crowded and bustling which is just a testament to how good their food and service is, people keep coming back and for good reason. You will find a bread basket filled with warm, flaky, bread waiting you.

You would definitely be missing out if you did not try one of their delicious appetizers such as their sausage ring, which comes from Faicco’s pork store.

If you are in the mood for some comfort food, they also have macaroni and cheese which is warm and creamy.

In addition, they have pastina for those who prefer their pasta al burro.

For fish lovers, they have shrimp oreganata, which comes with a generous eight shrimps to an order.

They always have specials, including soups which are great way to warm up during the cold Winter, season. They also have a special pie which is different from the classic ones they have on the menu. These are a twist on classic pizza.

They contain interesting yet delicious combinations such as fig and ricotta cheese, or if you like spice then the Calabrese pizza with hot soppressata might pique your interests.

If pizza is not for you, or you are in the mood for something more casual and quick during your lunch break, then try a sandwich. They have both hot and cold sandwiches which come with a side salad, such as grilled chicken and mozzarella with broccoli rabe and eggplant and balsamic vinegar, which complement each other very well because the sweetness of the eggplant counteracts the bitterness of the broccoli rabe.

You can also choose the choice of bread – either Italian or Focaccia – which is crisp, yet soft, light and buttery with a delicious herbaceous flavor.

If you are looking for more lighter fare, they have salads which certainly make you want to eat healthier. Had it not been for the obvious greens, you would not know that these salads are both good for your palate and good for your health.

The Carciofi Salad screams Italian with arugula, artichokes, black olives and parmigiana cheese dressed with a light, lemony vinaigrette and a choice of grilled shrimp or grilled chicken. If you wish, you can also substitute and switch out an ingredient in any dish you’d like to customize it to your preferences and liking, which Chef Ricky gladly does.

Along with the delectable food, the atmosphere is also what keeps customers returning.

The restaurant itself is rustic and dimly lit making it quite the place to be. The best part is that they have a place where you sit and enjoy the breeze with garage type windows!

The music in the background is old school, making it feel like an authentic Italian Brooklyn joint, not a typical hipster take.

The music ranges from Doo-Wop to R & B and keeps both the older folks and the younger generation content.

There’s nothing better than sitting with your famiglia, while mangiare la pasta al Dean Martin!

What’s great about Campania is that it is so versatile. It’s suitable for a casual dining experience with friends, or going out to celebrate with your loved ones.

If a father wants to stop in and have just a quick pizza with his son after school he can do that, or if two friends want to grab a drink at the well-stocked bar they can do that too.

I highly recommend if you are in the neighborhood or need a place to dine, you try Campania.

I have been a customer for years, and not once have I been disappointed.

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