By Lara Legath and David Schoen


On February 12, 2018 the Communication Career Day took place in Callahan Center from 12:30 pm to 2 pm. The event was Moderated by Mrs. Lauren Bertolotti and Professor David Gewirtz. Brother Gregory opened the event with a prayer. The panel included four panelist that had experience in the communication field and major:

Trish Rubin, MA/MPA is a consultant, author, speaker, and educator. Rubin has been providing marketing and brand consulting services for both businesses and educational institutions. Rubin has most recently written the book BrandED: Tell your Story, Build Relationships, Empower Learning.

Carl Coulanges is a St. John the Baptist Diocesan High School teacher and an Adjunct St. Francis College Professor. Coulanges graduated from SFC with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts: Film and Broadcasting Concentration. Coulanges has worked with the production company Show of Force and served as the Assistant Editor for The Abundance Foundation. Coulanges teaches Oral Communication and both Basic and Advanced TV Production.

John Tantillo, Ph.D. is a branding and marketing expert. Tantillo works as an Independent Consultant for the NYC Department of Small Business Services. Tantillo is also an Opinion Columnist for Newsmax and his work has been published by organizations such as The Washington Times, Talkers Magazine, Fox News, and The Daily Caller.

Andrew Slips is a Promotions Manager at Turner Sports. Slips graduated from SFC with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications: Advertising Concentration and now works on executing sponsorship programs in the NBA at Turner Sports. Slips worked as a Sales Representative at CNN Digital and earned a Master’s Degree in Media Studies at Brooklyn College.

The first question for the panelists was to describe a day at work for them. Rubin says it “gets beyond typical” and to find something to get excited about everyday. Coulanges is not only a teacher but his school T.V. director and Social Media Director, as well as running all the clubs which range from newspaper to cooking. Tantillo said his life 5 years ago is different from his job today, his day includes branding himself on twitter and working on a weekly article. Slips explains that “no two days are the same” as working advertising requires managing meetings, ideas, co-workers and clients.

The second question was “Which part of your job is the most rewarding?” Rubin expresses how she picks her own work. She says to find something that your passionate about, understand who you are and what you want first. Coulanges states that seeing students succeed and filling their own dreams is the most rewarding part of his job. Tantillo tells the audience of SFC students that “making you the best professional you can become” is what is most rewarding, giving us the encouragement that he didn’t have the chance to get and teaching the rules of the white collar world. Slips enjoys working in sales, he gets to find interesting solutions in dealing with advertising, sales teams, vendors and fans.

The third question asked how the panelist become interested in the communications field. Rubin urges to learn who are first went picking a job, she says pick one word to describe yourself. For Rubin her word was “bark” because she loves networking which lead her to communications. Her best advice is to “Communicate with yourself first.” Coulanges explains how sports were a hobby for him, that lead to writing sports articles and broadcasting. He expresses that hobbies are a great way to learn what jobs you may enjoy. Tantillo shares a term he made “ABB: Always be Branding”, at first he wanted to be a psychologist but with marketing he could reach more people and reach the masses. He advises everyone with the advice “Just do it and you’ll achieve it.” Slips explains how he practiced acting but it wasn’t a right career fit for him. Then he discovered that he enjoyed public speaking, advertising was the perfect mix of business and creativity for him.

The Fourth question was “How can we become ready through education?” Rubin tells to get what will make you stand out among whether it’s a special certification or masters. Coulanges advises not to limit yourself and the course you take, you may find out you like a subject you’ve never taken before. Tantillo says to “learn as much as you can.” He believe everyone should learn about history and to know as much as you can to improve your communications. Slips tells the audience that they have time to ask questions and learn how something works if your unsure, but use your time wisely. List the things that you want to accomplish during your schooling and the worse thing that could happen is that you learn something new.

Lastly the final question was on how important the panelist found internships to be, which all panelist agree that students should take advantage of them as resources. To pursue a successful career in Communications, Rubin said to “think outside the box” and see what you’d like to do “out of your comfort level” with internships. When asked how to thrive in the Communications industry, Coulanges suggested prospects to research because “the more you know, the more valuable an asset you are to the company that you work for.” For Communications students are searching for internships, Tantillo said it’s important to have a goal and know what you want to get out of the internship. Slips said to ask questions in internships to learn how things work and encouraged people to create “professional” social media accounts.