Tapt – a free mobile app that allows students to communicate with others on their campus – has come to St. Francis College.

The app hit 8 million impressions during its 60-day beta test period, which has led the company to expanding to more than 30 colleges in New York City for the fall semester. The app is now available to SFC students, but the student body has not yet made any posts.

Faculty and administrators are not authorized to use the app.

“This intimate space has sparked everything from relationships, best friends, study groups and hookups during our beta,” Tapt CEO Nabeel Alamgir told SFC Today.

Students have also been using the app to post about parties or student protests, write confessions, seek life advice or rant about politics.

In addition, there is an option to post anonymously.

“We want to give students an intimate space where they can be themselves,” Nabeel added. “And sometimes that can be super dumb or edgy and you don’t want your employer, professor or mom to necessarily see it.”

With so many possibilities to what students can post, there is a chance that the app can become non-productive. The company does not want to control what is posted, but emphasized that variety within the app is important.

It features a trending section that will make it simpler for students to decide what they will post about.

To prevent harassment and cyber bullying, campus feeds are monitored by community managers. In addition, a post is immediately hidden from the feed and reviewed if it is reported three times.

“We are constantly fighting a thin line between freedom of speech and hate speech, and there is a distinct difference,” Nabeel said.