There will be a club fair tomorrow showcasing cultural and academic clubs available for students at St. Francis.

There will also be a subsequent club fair for special interest clubs, including LGBTQ, Sororities, Fraternities, and The Troopers, which will take place on Monday, February 1.

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, joining a club could transform your college experience.

Clubs are important for networking, and they also look great on a resume. They offer roles such as ‘president’, ‘secretary’, and ‘treasurer,’ which demonstrate leadership and communication skills.

Academic clubs allow students to take their knowledge beyond the classroom and challenge themselves in a low pressure environment.

Special interest clubs are a great way to make friends and earn some insight into the things that interest students most.

St. Francis has many cultural societies that celebrate and embrace students’ backgrounds. The Italian-American Historical Society, African Cultural Club, and Asian Students Association are among the most notable. The college prides itself on diversity and encourages the various cultural societies to get involved in and host school events.

Though it may seem overwhelming, choosing the right club for you is quite simple. You just need to find out what will be worth your time, how you can get involved with the club, and who you will be interacting with. The club fair is perfect for this.

A list of clubs and organizations is available at SFC.edu under the Student Life tab.

Tomorrow’s fair will be from 11:10-12:10, and Monday’s will be held from 12:20-1:45.