In accordance with SFC’s mission to promote student wellness, Clear Passages—an organization run by administrators, faculty, staff, and students that promotes a tobacco-free campus—is holding a month-long event called “No Smoke November” to encourage people to pledge to stop smoking and live a healthier lifestyle.

On Sunday, October 23, Clear Passages took pledges and donations from SFC students and passerbys alike.

Senior Marlena Reid, a Healthcare Management major, organized the event which raised $133 for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

“No Smoke November is trying to get the student body’s population of students who do smoke to not smoke for the entire month of November,” Reid told SFC Today.

The organization did not want to be exclusive and only offer pledges for smokers. “If you don’t smoke, you can pledge to do something healthy for a month,” Reid said.

Pledges sign their name as a contract to not smoke for the month—or to adopt another healthy habit—and donate their desired amount to St. Jude’s in the name of their pledge. They receive a raffle ticket that is then entered into a drawing to receive the prize of their choice.

“We got donations from different companies that like our message to the community. I have a donation from a dermatology office called Lucas Dermatology, and they donated skincare products. Then there is a donation from a Gemini shop which does gift baskets.”

“And there’s a donation we came up with,” she continued, “Which is a Starbucks gift card and a cute mug.”

There is also a gift certificate available from Cool Mess, a unique business that partnered with Clear Passages. “It’s a new company,” Reid said, “And it’s actually the only company in New York where you can actually make your own ice cream at the table.”

Brother Gregory Cellini and Health Promotions Professor Dr. Michele Montecalvo are the faculty advisors of SFC’s Clear Passages, which aims to combat both tobacco use and second-hand smoke on campus. They are also in charge of the Great American Smokeout (GASO), an all-day event held by Clear Passages in concert with the American Cancer Association that will be held on campus on November 17. This event also seeks to lower the rate of tobacco usage at SFC.

Clear Passages will be accepting pledges throughout the month of November and will be doing a tabling around campus every Wednesday.