There are some people who are easy to get along with. They are friendly and helpful. They are easy to talk to. However, there are certain people who are a real struggle to get along with. These people are said to be difficult personalities. There are four types of difficult personalities: Aggressive, Intrusive, Complainer, Tacit. I will be describing each of the four difficult personalities and then providing solutions for dealing with each of them.

Aggressive People

An aggressive person makes it a point to let you know that they don’t like you. They are standoffish, making it clear that they do not want to talk to you. They are mean, and often cruel to you. They are rude, and disrespectful towards you. They are domineering, constantly barking orders at you. Should you disobey them, they will threaten you. On certain occasions, they may even hit you. Now, in some cases, this person does not really hate you. They might like you but not have enough social skills to express those feelings properly. However, more often than not, this person is just a bully and wants to have power over you.

How to deal with Aggressive People

The first step is confronting the aggressive person. Begin by telling them that you are not afraid of them. Next, tell them in a polite but firm manner that you want their behavior to stop and if they do not you will tell someone in authority. Finally, make it a point that you do not care why they are acting this way towards you and that if they don’t like you then that is their problem. Should the aggressive person secretly like you, most likely after your talk with them they will start being nicer to you. Should the aggressive person just be a bully, most likely they will stay away from you, as they see they can no longer elicit fear from you.

Intrusive People

An intrusive person, as you can guess, is in everyone else’s business. They are also the one that likes to spread gossip about others. They are arrogant, believing themselves to be superior to others. They are condescending, talking down to others. They are nosy, constantly snooping around in things that are not their concern, hoping to find dirt on other people. Once they find something out about you that you wanted to keep a secret, they will keep harping on it until you finally snap at them. Their usual reaction to when someone snaps at them is to laugh right in their face. This may cause you to get even angrier. You might feel like you want to hit them. It is important to know that hitting them won’t solve anything.

How to deal with Intrusive People

The first step is confronting the intrusive person. Begin by telling them in a polite but firm manner that if you keep something hidden it is for a good reason and that whatever it is that is hidden it is none of their business. Next, tell them that if this continues you will tell someone in authority. Should telling on them not work and they continue to annoy you, tell them in a somewhat threatening manner that you want their behavior to stop. Intrusive people are usually cowards. Should they feel intimidated, they will back off. And remember, this is only a scare tactic. Do not act on the threat you made. You are not a bully. You just want them to stop meddling in your business.


A complainer is the person most likely to spoil your good time. They always look gloomy, having a sad expression on their face almost all of the time. They have a complaint about everything, never being satisfied. They whine a lot, going on and on about how unfair life is. When you try to cheer them up, they only push you away, claiming that you can’t help them. You may find this person frustrating. You may even feel that this person is just outright annoying.

How to deal with Complainers

In the case of the complainer, there are two things you can do. You can simply avoid them. If you stay away from them, then they cannot bring you down. You can also try to talk things out with them. Ask them to stop being so negative and see how they respond. They may turn out to be a kind person who is just going through a tough time. They may just be an attention-seeker.

Tacit People

A tacit person is cold and difficult to approach. They are loner, preferring to be alone than around others. They are stoic, displaying very little emotion. They are aloof, acting distant towards others. When you try to talk to them, they usually ignore you. If they do acknowledge your presence, they will be very brief with you, saying only a few words and avoid having a conversation. They are indifferent to praise. Therefore, if you compliment them they will not react. They are also indifferent to provocation. Thus, trying to antagonize them will not get their attention. Most noticeably, they are indifferent to the suffering of others. If they see that someone is hurt, they will not do a thing to help. Also, if they see someone getting bullied, they will not join in on the bullying but they will not try to put a stop to it either.

How to deal with Tacit People

The solution for dealing with a tacit person is different from the previous advice I have given. In this particular case, what you need to do is just be near them. If you are near them long enough, they will eventually get used to you and little by little start talking to you. You may find that they are a kind person but just very shy.

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