By Aaliyah Humphrey

At the last librarian meeting in March, Chief Librarians Sofiya Kagan and James Smith announced their retirement from St. Francis College.

Kagan has worked in the library for 25 years and Smith has worked there for nearly two decades.

While Kagan makes sure that the books are up-to-date and in order, Smith created the budgets and decided on who to hire in the library.

Kagan’s retirement is influenced by her desire to spend more time with her family.

On the other hand, Smith said he decided to retire after a special offer was made to him.

“Well, they (SFC) made an offer,” said Smith.

“This thing we call a Voluntary Separation Offer – VSO.

“And my wife had retired in July. We were planning on retiring soon and the offer made the deal very attractive.”

Smith said that he is going to miss the people in the library and the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood.

“Brooklyn Heights is excellent. I love the promenade, I love what they’re doing with the Brooklyn Bridge Park and I love helping students reach their goals. I do believe that a Bachelor’s Degree makes a big difference in a person’s life.”

Kagan and Smith will both be missed by their co-workers.

“I’ve worked with them for seven years, so I’m definitely going to miss them. They helped me out a lot when I first got started working here,” said co-worker Miyo Sandlin said.

“Yeah, Sofiya taught me everything about the circulation desk.

“Jim [James] has been super important — super supportive boss over the years.”

Although both librarians are leaving, there is no news yet of any replacements.

“There will probably be interim people to cover and then over the summer hopefully we’ll find replacements,” Sandlin said.


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