By Taylor Smith

St. Francis College Bowling Team’s Emma Catone will fly to Lincoln, Nebraska on Monday to compete in USBC Intercollegiate Singles Championships along with twenty three other collegiate bowlers from across the country.

The senior shot a 1,240 throughout the six game qualifier which put her in seventh place out of 174 athletes. This event was hosted at Thirty Strikes Bowling Center in Stratford, New Jersey.

Catone stated: “Being that we are college athletes, our physical game is always there because of all the hours we spend practicing. The mental game is the hardest part.”

She has been working hard on and off the lanes to prepare herself for the upcoming week of competition.

When asked about Catone’s readiness for the tournament, Coach Dawn Gugliaro stated: “”Her decision-making with on-lane adjustments and ball selection have been on point.  Her ability to stay in the moment and focused is the reason she has been able to put up the big numbers.”

Catone will attend a practice session on Monday upon her arrival in Lincoln and bowl a six game qualifier the next morning. The qualifier will determine what players are set to bowl in match play beginning Tuesday evening.

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