by Zanna Shapiro

Katherine Cardy ‘17 graduated with a degree in Childhood Education with a concentration in English and a Spanish minor, and then returned to work at SFC as an admissions counselor.

After graduation, Kat said she spent some time soul searching and that “SFC helped mold me but I didn’t know what to do after, so I spent a couple of months traveling, trying to figure out what I wanted to do in my post grad career. I was unsure if I wanted to go to grad school.”

“I found myself back to SFC with the guidance of some mentors on campus. They saw me fit into the position of an Admissions Counselor, being that I was very active on campus as Speaker of SACOR, Co founder of LAS, a member of KAPPA, the education club and an active participate of events on campus.

“What really drew me back was being a part of a student’s story on why they choose to come to SFC, the idea that they can create the best four years of their lives at the same place that changed my life.

“SFC is my forever home, it taught me to work hard for what I want, It taught me tough love and showed me that I can capable of anything if I am dedicated.

“Knowing my experience I want that for others and although I know everyone’s SFC experience is different, giving a student the opportunity to make that story happen is my motivating factor, it is why I love working with students.“

Kat said she would love to be a mentor for student, the same way she has been mentored, with an abundance of love and thoughtfulness.

Her advice to students is “to be patient and kind to yourself. Remember we are not alone, to rely on friends, family and loved ones during hard times.”

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