Think olives, think Mediterranean, think Sicilia! Who knew you could get cuisine from the southern most portion of “the boot”, right here in Brooklyn? Does it get the boot?

Catania on 193 Atlantic Avenue (between Clinton Street & Court Street) is a convenient coffee, lunch, dinner, bakery, and snack “go to” place within walking distance of St. Francis College.

Around 11am on monday morning, the sudden craving for a macchiato came about. Having an hour to kill, and not wanting to run into a local Starbucks just to stand on a long line, and be forced to leave because there isn’t seating is not ideal.

Upon entrance of Catania the original thought of only getting the mere warm macchiato was not such a crucial notion anymore, with the captivating display of eggplant parmesan, frittatas, and sicilian pizzas.

The “Pollo Sandwich” (chicken, mozzarella, grilled zucchini, and sun-dried tomato spread — $8.25) was succulent. With this and other varieties of sandwich fare, customers are given a choice to have their fillings placed between ciabatta or focaccia bread.

If you are envisioning a “grande caramel macchiato” be prepared to be surprised, or at least to have an initial reaction that borders on disappointment. The macchiato is served in an espresso cup. However, don’t let the small size fool you; if you’ re a student, or have a long day ahead of you, the macchiato ($2.25) will keep you vitalized for hours.

In a rush? This is not a jet-set cafe. All foods are prepared fresh; slow food for laid back Sicilian living. Catania’s organic fair trade coffee is served immediately, but expect the wait approximately fifteen minutes or more for any of the sandwiches or pasta dishes.

The decor of the cafe is rustic yet exceedingly clean, complemented by exposed brick walls and butcher block tables.

Overall, Catania is a substantial establishment that offers a wide selection of meals for any time of the day. It most definitely does not get the boot.

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