Written by Lara Legath

Thursday, March 2nd the Callahan Center was busy with students as Career Success Day took place 11am-2pm. Multiple tables were set out to help prepare students from knowing what to dress to using many of the websites the school offers them.

The Career Center held this event in regards to the Career Fair, an important event for all students to meet companies and possible future jobs. The Career Fair will take place Wednesday March 29th from 1pm-4pm at the Genovesi Center. So you have some time to read the tips the Career Success Day had to offer!

Before you go to the Career Fair:

At the Career Success Day one could find important papers like a sample resume to help one structure their own resume or a list of famous companies St. Francis College Alumni work at. But more importantly tools to help a student to make a good impression in front of a company.

Firstly is a document entitled “Dress To Impress” guiding a student how they should dress if they want to stand a chance in front of a major company. Guiding both men and women with descriptions and diagrams.

For women it details the kind of suit and skirt that is appropriate to wear. Dark colors, wool or wool blend and sleeves ending at the wrist are just some points that are suggested showing how much thought one should put when picking out the right outfit.

Blouses and shirts call for cream or white colored, conservative neck lined button-downs. Shoes could be black, brown or navy but don’t wear sandals or thin high heels! Lastly neutral hose is a must.

For Men a single-breasted suit with matching pants is suggested. The color should be black, gray or navy and call for two to three buttons. It should have a plain or vent back and fully lined is preferable.

Shirts should be white or cream button-up long sleeves, make sure the collar fits perfectly and is inside your jacket so it stays in place. Other tips are to have a tie without bright colors, dark socks, black or brown loafers and a belt without a logo to match your shoes.

There are some tips for everyone on what not to wear. One should not wear flashy jewelry like big hoop earrings, overly long fingernails, heavy make-up, overbearing perfume or cologne or cigarettes showing.

The next document is “Career Fair ‘Personal Pitch'” which gives one the tips on how to make your own personal pitch at the Career Fair and examples. It also had pointers on what to do at the Job Fair.

Some things your pitch should include is your name, area of study, year of study, career interests, accomplishments or qualifications, why you are interested in working for that company and the type of position you would like.

Don’t forget to send a follow up email with that company! The career center also offers example emails for that too.

What Tools To Use:

The Career Success Day offered information on websites the students can use to better their chances in the job hunt. Some of these services are Vault, LinkedIn and Terrier JobLink which are all FREE for St. Francis College students to use.

Vault is a service offered through the Career Center. The site offers industry and employer guides, company profiles, job listings, internship listings, networking tools also well as resume and interview tips.

Creating an account is easy and can be done through the Career Center or library website. All it takes is selecting your working status, completing a profile and setting your preferences. From there one can see over 6,500 company profiles or research types of jobs. There’s even guides to help students new to the job hunting process.

The fair table for Vault was being run by Frank Siano, an associate director for Vault.com to help students in person and answer any questions on the website they may have.

Another table at the fair was being run by St. Francis College’s own Lauren Mack who is the Social Media Coordinator. She was there to provide students with helpful tips about professional social media use involving being hired for a job.

LinkedIn is a great site for building a professional profile, in some ways it a lot like an online resume with a place to showcase yourself and why a company should hire you. Here you can build your student profile and search for jobs and internships as well.

What makes LinkedIn different is that it helps create groups and new connections with people, giving one a way to reach jobs through friends and people you know instead of strangers.

Lastly St. Francis College just started offering a new service called Terrier Joblink. Powered by Symplicity this gives student yet another way to search, view and apply to jobs and internships.

Not only that but it gives alerts for when a job matches your criteria, lets one upload all their work documents and puts a student’s profile on employer’s resume books. All of this is done using your SFC username and password. One can register at src-csm.symplicity.com

So the Career Success Day really had everything a student needs to be hired for a job and it has never been easier. Don’t miss the next Career Success Day and make sure to put your new tools to use at the Career Fair coming up.

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