Cami Bird, swimmer and water polo player, is one of several student athletes at St Francis College who assist in other sports.

Cami works as a ball handler for the women Terriers volleyball team.

She and several other women make sure that there is a clean, dry ball to be put in play when necessary.

The ball, apparently, can get quite “grimey.”

Cami and the other athletes “volunteering” in other sports are given a stipend, but it is apparent that the team spirit at St Francis is also a part of this work.

In some sports, such as water polo, the men’s team and the women’s team support each other in performing side duties.

Cami has been involved in water sports since she was eight years old.

She played for club teams in California before her family moved to St Louis and in high school, she continued her sports activities.

Cami is at St Francis on an academic scholarship. Midwestern United States has no collegiate programs in water sports.

St Francis is one of the few teams on either the West or East Coast offering the chance to play water polo.

Cami also prefers small, private colleges so St Francis was a good choice.

As a junior, Cami is an English/Communications major. Since coming to St. Francis, she has maintained an apartment in Cobble Hill.

Her family now lives in Massachusetts so in the summer she travels between California and Massachusetts.

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