This year St. Francis College’s spring break is from March 5th to the 13th. With only a matter of weeks left until our well deserved spring break, the question is: where to go?

The answer usually depends on how much money you have saved so far. Did you know that as a full time college student you are eligible for affordable trips?

Studentuniverse.com is a website designed for college students all over the country that offers affordable vacations to destinations all over the world. The website gives you the option to type in the airport you want to depart from and arrive at.

You can choose specific dates, flights and times of your choice. With the click of a button you can have a flight to your choice destination, at an affordable price.

According to their mission statement “Student Universe is an online student travel agency with cheap tickets. We’re the largest online travel agency for students in the U.S. and we’re proud to be the number one destination for cheap student travel and especially cheap airline tickets for students. Student discounts are important to us, it’s what we do.”

Now your flight is taken care of, but where are you going to stay? Student universe offers package deals on hotels. From five star hotels to renting a house, or the typical hostel; Student Universe offers it all.

Now, what are you going to do once you arrive? The website also also offers up to 50% off travel activities in many destinations. Broadway discount tickets, Universal Studios discount park hoppers, Grand Canyon helicopter tour, a cooking class in Florence, Italy- the possibilities are endless. So, before you go, make sure to check out the awesome discounted activities that are offered.

Right now, Student Universe is offering incredible Spring Break 2011 deals. The slogan is “Your well deserved spring break trip doesn’t have to break the bank – and we’ll show you how.”

The top three “skin and sand” vacations this spring are Miami, FL Cancun, Mexico and San Jose, Costa Rica.

There are three packages offered for Miami, FL all starting at $431.00 for hotel & flight for five nights six days. With three beautiful hotels to chose from, excellent beaches and a wild nightlife, Miami is always a top choice for spring break.

Take a trip to Cancun, Mexico- if you are looking for a vacation of sun and bikinis and students from all over the world, this is the place to go. Flight & hotels start at $420.00 for five nights six days, Cancun is known as the “spring break rock star”, so grab a bunch of friends and book this amazing vacation.

Are you craving adventure and nature? The Costa Rica package deal is perfect for your friends. Five nights, six days starting at $610.00, Costa Rica is full of excursions, mountain climbing and exploring the beautiful island.

Many people associate Europe with expensive! With Student Universe a Spring break to Europe can be so affordable, and can be experience of a lifetime.

The most popular destination for European spring break travel is London. It is said to be a city you must see before you die. This is actually Student Universe’s cheapest package deal. Starting at $336.00 for flight and hotel for five nights six days , which is an unbelievable deal.

How about spring break in Amsterdam? The party capital of the world; you can tell your parents you are going to see the amazing sights, but I am sure the sights will be the least of your concerns, while partying in this city. Flights & hotels start at $468.00 dollars for five nights, six days.

Since Spring Break is around the corner, if you do not have a passport already, not one of these trips is going to be possible. A new passport takes up to two months to process, so Student Universe recognizes this and that is why they also have packages for the top U.S Cities for Spring Break.

Student Universe is offering package deals to Las Vegas and Los Angles. In these two amazing cities you can tan and lie by the pool during the day and experience amazing nightlife. Remember, these trips are in the U.S so don’t forget you need to be at least twenty- one benefit from all the, well, how you say, “amenities” Spring break in Vegas starts at $395.00 for flight and hotel and Los Angeles starts at $553 for flight and hotel.

Student Universe offers amazing traveling deals for college students. We are only in college for a few years, so we might as well take advantage of all our student deals and discounts. Before we know it, we will be in the workplace and then there is no such thing as spring break, or for that matter, any break at all. Have a safe and healthy 2011 Spring Break!

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