By SFC Today Staff


SFC’s Christian Club has made a strong come back in the 2017-2018 school year.

On Monday February 26, the Christian Club collaborated with the Epsilon Pi Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and held a “Why Not God?” event.

The event was moderated by Danzil Monk and hosted by SFC nursing student and track athlete Natalie Jean, who said the purpose behind the event was to “reach college students and motivate them to tap into their faith”.

A lecture was held in Founders Hall and featured guest speaker Brandy Shiloh of Brandy Shiloh Ministries, who was “super duper excited to be partnered with the St. Francis College Christian Club and the lovely ladies of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority”.

She promoted “Why Not God” and shared a message that “provides an opportunity to explore our relationship with God without rules, regulations, and religion”.

According to her website, Brandy’s focus is to “expand the Kingdom of God by encouraging people all over the world to believe that there is no situation too hard or difficult for anyone to overcome”.

Brandy’s mother, Sherry Moore also made an appearance at the talk and had Brandy’s book, Break Through To Your Breakthrough: You Are Intended For Greatness, available for purchase.

Brandy’s objective for the SFC community was purely educational; her goal was to guide those seeking to get closer to God.

She said the body has three parts: body, spirit, and soul and that all crave a desire to be fed.

However, the “spirit is a primary part of you” and so the craving of the spirit is greater than the craving of the body and soul; it cannot be satisfied with natural things, rather the intangible quench the yearning of the spirit.

“Our spirit umbilical cord was cut when Adam at the apple…but opportunities to be reconnected through Christ [present themselves]”.