Soccer player Viktor Bakkioui talks about his everyday style off of the field.

This twenty-two year old student bases his European fashion with the urban street-style of American hip hop.

Bakkioui’s inspiration for fashion include hip hop music artists Kanye West and A$ap Rocky. For him, these artists are different and that is what he admires. Such as Kanye West wearing a skirt at one of his concerts last winter.

A few necessities in Bakkioui’s closet are his white shirts, suits, ripped jeans, and stylish boots.

“I dont know if it’s more the artist…” Bakkioui said as he explained his beliefs on fashion being inspired by music .

When it comes to his shoes Bakkioui prefers boots or high top sneakers. Some brands you may catch him in include Martin Margelea, Nike Air Jordans, Dr.Martens, and Timberlands.

For Bakkioui’s pants he is extremely picky. He explained that it takes a long time in searching for jeans. Some brands he prefers includes Acne and Levi 510.

Bakkioui explains that at one point in time he used to dress with baggy pants for that American-urban-street-look.

When it comes to tops Bakkioui explains that he must have a white shirt. He despises rhinestones and graphic tees, so he tried to keep it simple.

Bakkioui claims that everyone needs a nice dress shirt, which can be paired with dress pants or even jeans.

Most recently he has taken a great liking of flannel. Just like the Hip Hop artist A$sap Rocky who ties his flannel around his waste, a style that was popular in the early 90’s, Bakkioui is inspired.

“In Sweden it’s cold but not like here, its different…it’s so cold it hurts my spine,” Bakkioui said of the cold.

When talking about winter fashion Bakkioui said, “I go for layer on layer”. His “passion for fashion” will not let the weather alter his style.

Talking about other styles Bakkioui touched on the topic of tattoos.

“I want one, but my father would probably disown me” he laughs as he describes body modification.

Stores he frequents back home included ACNE, Zara, and Top Shop. Bakkioui also explains that he has no shame to also go to the thrift shops as well. He wears anything that is nice and fitting.

You can catch this styling guy any time in the cafeteria or with some of his teammates, always looking good.

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