by Kavita Jaikissoon

With it being flu season and as concerns grow over coronavirus becoming a global pandemic, it is natural that everyone is worried about getting sick.

However, it is impossible to avoid coming into contact with sick people. If you do not have a car and have to rely on public transportation, there is a risk of getting infected. Here are some tips to avoid the flu.

The first tip is obvious. You should avoid sitting or standing next to anyone who you think is ill. Visible signs that someone is sick are coughing and sneezing. If you can not avoid being next to an infected person, turn your head away from them.

The second tip may not be as obvious. It is to be careful where you sit. People may have left used tissues around. It is also not uncommon for people to spit up mucus on the train. While this may sound disgusting, it does happen. Seat checks are necessary.

The third tip is to cover your mouth with a scarf. A scarf provides warmth during the winter, and it covers up your mouth and nose. This will help to stop the spread of germs if you or someone else is sick. Scarfs are also inconspicuous. No one thinks twice about a person wearing a scarf in the winter. Masks may draw too much negative attention, which is why scarfs are the best option.

The fourth tip is always to keep your hands clean. It is important to remember to wash your hands as soon as you reach your destination. If washing your hands is not possible, then hand sanitizer is the next best option. Another option to keep your hands clean is to wear disposable gloves on the subway. This may seem silly, but it does offer protection.

The fifth step is to avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Even with constant handwashing and hand sanitizing, it is impossible to keep your hands completely germ free. This is why it is essential to avoid touching the face. It increases your chances of getting sick.

The last step is to take care of your health. It is necessary to have regular checkups at your local doctor’s office. If your feeling ill, it is always best to see a doctor even before it is time for your checkup. To avoid falling ill, make sure that your diet is rich in vegetables and that you get an adequate amount of sleep. This will strengthen your immune system and decrease your chance of catching something on a train or a bus.

In addition to following the aforementioned advice, it’s always a good idea to do your research and look into some credible vitamins and supplements that can help boost your immunity!

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