St. Francis College has a Student Government Association with a new president.

Twenty-one year old senior Kepler Auguste was elected president last April by his peers. Recently, SGA had a meeting for Auguste to introduce himself to student government members.

“I want SGA to be taken seriously because we have a budget and an office that makes us an organization,” said Auguste.
Auguste is determined to leave an everlasting impression on St. Francis College. Student government is an integral part of St. Francis College because it is an outlet for future graduates to develop leadership skills by participating in functions such as Leadership Day, which was held on Sept. 22 at St. Francis College.

Students also learn government through attending meetings, obtain voting information and share in volunteer work such as community service. As members of SGA, they learn to communicate effectively, gain credibility with respect to each other’s ideas, organizational skills and time management.

SGA also elected a new cabinet of members such as Vice President Shay Dukes, Treasurer Mohammed Ali, and Travis Joseph who is the representative of the Student Activities Council of Representatives (S.A.C.O.R) along with various senators and members.

“All contributors will share an equal measure in the betterment of our school, establish integrity, and unite students,” said Auguste.

One of the issues SGA will address is creating a relationship between faculty and students. The college government will assist students in allowing their ideas to be heard within the school and aiding students with relieving their social and academic concerns.

Another topic will be creating more clubs. Although St. Francis has many societies, there will always be room for more so diverse cultures can unify.

“Social clubs, cultural activities, events, promoting good health and awareness are all matters student government will recognize with diligence,” said Auguste.

With the influx of approximately 700 transfer and freshman students, SFC decided to roll out the welcome mat and invited students to a school event that introduced students to various associations. The Club Fair was in full swing in the Genovesi Center and consisted of the many group interests SFC has to offer.

The organizations in attendance were: The Honors Society, Student Government Association, My Brother’s Keeper as well as others. The event also consisted of small giveaways, introductions, music, and desserts. The affair was a success and it offered students an avenue to fulfill their interests, relate to other cultures, and become informed about everything from politics to brotherhood.

The newly elected president of SGA allows opportunities for all students to join the association.

“All members will have an equal chance at their suggestions being heard and considered, SGA is open to all positive and uplifting ideas,” said Auguste.

The organization is mainly comprised of juniors and seniors, but all students can join. The members of SGA are not confined to any specific role because of their title. There are different committees that will utilize the talents and strengths of everyone.

The SGA committee invites students who are talented in marketing, leadership, IT, community service, and event planning. Many of the seniors will graduate and take the experience of being a school leader into the world. SGA is a perfect opportunity to learn teamwork, and create relationships.

St. Francis will have another reason to take pride in their school. Student government is going to be more active and recognized than ever before. New ideas, creativity, responsibility, and innovation will be the position of the association. With Auguste as president, the 2012 Student Government Association will be proud to create a legacy of inspiration.

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