April 1 — As of April 1, 2010, St Francis College will be serving alcoholic beverages in the cafeteria to students and faculty over the age of 21.

The Acquista’s Food Service menu will be including a new beverage menu that includes beer, wine, vodka and most top shelf liquors. Not only does the new menu make students happy, but now students have a reason to stay in school after class.

The new rule means new skills will have to be acquired by the staff in the canteen.

One worker, April D’oh-Fool said: “Yeah we might get tips, but now we have to learn how to make drinks. We’re not even bartenders.”

St Francis College is known to be very well rounded, but also a very religious college. Having alcohol sold in the cafeteria will probably cause quite a stir.

There are a lot of SFC activities that go on during activity hour such as video game competitions, karaoke, bake sales, etc. So, having alcohol amongst the students might change the activities quite a bit.

There will be an event held April 1, 2010 for students over the age of 21 to attend. This event will introduce all the new alcoholic beverages that are going to be added to the menu. Since it is a school event, the drinks won’t be free, but the drink money will go to this year’s Relay for Life.

Students that are underage shouldn’t be too upset will the age limit, because they can try the non-alcoholic beverages also available.

They can share the same experience with their fellow older students, without getting a little tipsy.

There will be security at the event, just in case the students get out of hand. The college hopes that the students, who are over 21, will act in a civilized manner even after they consume the drinks. Only time will tell how the addition of alcohol will affect the college’s population.

If students can’t handle their alcohol and are being irresponsible, then the college will just remove the alcohol from Acquista’s menu. The faculty thinks that students are going to get alcohol regardless of where they are, so why not have it available to the students right in the cafeteria?

Hopefully every one will act like mature adults and consume alcohol at a steady pace.

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