OPINION — by Rebeca Oliveira

St. Francis College switched to Akademos, an online book provider, as an alternative to a physical on-campus bookstore.
Dr. Jennifer Lancaster, Academic Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs, said that:

The administration chose Akademos to provide a convenient and affordable way for St Francis students to buy their books. While there were a few scattered issues since the launch, the overwhelming feedback from the students has been positive.”

The change was implemented for the Fall 2018 semester and students have mixed feelings about whether or not it’s actually a helpful alternative.
Margaret White, a college freshman, stated:
“I was disappointed to find out there was no physical bookstore because shopping online can be unreliable – and that was proven by my bookstore experience.”
The order Margaret placed was cancelled twice.
“Even though I was refunded, it was frustrating to have to find another seller,” she said.
Other students had better experiences.
Erick Mendoza, another freshman, said he “received [his] books in a timely manner.”
He was actually pleasantly surprised that some came earlier than anticipated.
The only issue?
“The shipping cost was the only problem,” he said. “$9 a book is exorbitant.”
When asked whether they preferred the physical bookstore or an online bookstore, most students who had experienced both were more partial towards a physical bookstore.
“I definitely preferred a physical bookstore,” says Henry Jiménez, a sophomore at the college.
“It was beneficial to be able to run downstairs whenever I needed a book or school spirit gear.”

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