St. Francis College Student Activities and Career Center will be holding a fashion show event to teach students how to dress to impress at the workplace.

Imagine you are going on an interview for your dream career. You enter the building through glass doors and walk down a long, bright hallway to meet with the person who is going to ultimately be deciding your future. While in the waiting room, you go over the questions in your head and mentally prepare yourself to answer all of them.

Finally, it is your turn to go into the interview. The conversation is flowing and you are feeling super confident, answering every question like you had practiced. At the conclusion of the interview, your “future boss” walks you out, looks down, and sees you’re wearing….CONVERSE. You just lost your one shot at your dream job because you decided to wear sneakers to a formal interview.

The idea of “dressing to impress” is one that has changed over time. While suits and ties are still the go-to for career attire, people have been trying to incorporate fashion into their daily looks. Since some fashion trends are not necessarily appropriate, it is hard to combine the two without sticking out.

It is important to know what kind of outfits to wear on different steps throughout the career process. Your initial interview is most important because you can never take back a first impression. Depending on the job you are going for, the outfit will vary, but here are some basic tips:

1.For your interview, you always want to dress your best. For a female, you always want to wear a formal shirt and either a skirt or pant suit with appropriate shoe wear. For males, a button down, suit, and tie are a must. Oh, and no converse!

2.Go light on the jewelry and accessories; Less is more! Limit your jewelry to basic earrings, one necklace and maybe a bracelet. Wearing a watch is a plus, it shows you are punctual and care about time management.

3.Ensure that you prepare your outfit the night before. By doing so, you can make sure nothing is wrinkled and that everything matches appropriately.

4.Hygiene is always important, so do not forget to wear deodorant, maintain fresh breath and wear a light perfume/cologne.

5.Make sure that your hair looks formal, yet simple. Try to give yourself extra time in the morning to tame any fly-aways! And your nails should be painted either a clear or neutral color; no hot pink, at least on the first week!

To see all of these tips live in action, come to the Career Center and Student Activities Fashion Show event on Tuesday, February 16th during activity period (Tuesday is a Monday Schedule). This show will not only show you how to dress, but also how NOT to dress in the workplace. Come and see your fellow SFC students strut down the stage and see what is professional to wear and what is not!

There will also be several giveaways from various stores around the Brooklyn Heights Area. Many stores have donated ties, dress socks, gift cards and coupons. Not only will you be able to take notes on these appropriate fashion styles, but you will also get a good laugh and great giveaways!