The new and improved sfc.edu was launched this August. The new sfc.edu now has a wider display, larger text and a deep blue background.

New features of the site include:

– Drop-down navigation menus

-A slideshow display that provides a way for students to find what they are looking for without much searching.

-A campus map is now located bottom left of the homepage. It gives prospective and current students a view of nearby attractions along with nearby transportation.

Students viewing the page can find the links to the SFC Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages.

A student can access their MYSFC account much more quickly as the button is on the top-right of the homepage.

The new mobile site provides a display for individuals logging in through iPads and Androids.

What inspired the change? Edwin Mathieu, the webmaster of St. Francis College, gave full details on the process which took almost a year to complete.

“We wanted to show parents and perspective students the diversity of our student body and faculty here at St. Francis College and how we are a community,” said Mathieu.

The new sfc.edu does just that, greeting individuals with smiling faces in every photo. The process of forming this took months of hard work and research. Last September the mission to bring life to SFCs web-site began.

The site did not have a makeover since 2007.

It started by gathering a new team to deliver this vision. When the individuals in charge of the old layout were not responsive, the search for change began.

“We found a new company that would meet our expectations on making the page more dynamic. The old layout seemed stale. We checked out other schools sites to see what we liked. We found a company that would deliver display needs and relate it to the school,” said Mathieu.

St. Francis core colors are red and blue and an architectural display of the layout was formed based off those colors. The faculty here at SFC played a role in the makeover as well. Professors provided an upgrade to their information, which is now displayed in the new and improved faculty directory.

IT staff and student assistants manually moved 1,573 pages from the old site servers onto the new site.

Senior Akeem Johnson said, “It’s an amazing upgrade. The site is more interactive, easy to access and has a smooth template. I sign on every day for updates and information.”

Senior Dimitra Papageorgiou said, “I find the site nicer. I enjoy that it’s easier and would say I log in at least twice a day.”

Incoming freshamn Terrier Sylvie said, “It’s easy to maneuver, everything is right in front of you.”

Students should take full advantage of this new site.

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