Just a stone’s throw away from St. Francis College, Brooklyn Bridge Park has so much to offer and is quickly becoming one of the most popular recreational locations in New York.

Spanning 1.3 miles on the Brooklyn side of the East River, Brooklyn Bridge Park boasts stunning views of lower Manhattan, the East River, and the Brooklyn Bridge.

In addition to being the home of SFC’s men’s soccer team for a second consecutive year, the park provides fun and exciting activities for the whole family year round, establishing it as an ever-growing oasis in a desert of concrete and mortar.

The park is comprised of several different sections including 6 piers, The Empire Fulton Ferry, the Fulton Ferry Landing, and Main Street.

These sections house everything from playgrounds and a pool for young children, barbecue areas, a beach, several sports fields, and not to forget the good old fashioned set of rolling lawns on which people can relax and enjoy the sprawling views of the water.

In addition to the regular features, the park plays host to several different events every week, and caters to young and old alike.

Some featured events include kayaking, movie screenings, crossfit, yoga, and other exercise sessions, different tours and festivals, and much more.

“I love the park because it has something for everyone,” claims Brooklyn resident Jesse Modesto who frequents the weekly Smorgasburg, an all food market featuring over 50 different vendors guaranteed to satisfy every culinary need.

Banners featuring weekly events are displayed at the entrances to the park, and exhibit fun, exciting as well as educational events.

The park and most of its events and activities are free of charge and open to everyone, making it worth the visit, and definitely worth the ten minute walk from SFC!

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