Written by Andrissa Rodriguez

March 10th marks the official International Day of Awesomeness which could not have been tied in more perfectly for the students at St Francis College. Ruben Gonzales the Director of Student Engagement tried to create a space where students had the liberty to socialize and relax after midterms. This is their second year putting together this event and their carnival theme definitely enticed the students to come and check out the different activities prepared.

There are different booths set up so everyone has a chance to play a game get some food and even fill out pledge cards. They are there for the students, to help them feel good about themselves and recognize their hard work. To help the students feel as if this is not just your school, this is your family a community trying to educate ourselves and have fun doing it.

Not just the SFC faculty were involved in this amazing event, different volunteers from clubs have joined together in help of making this day enjoyable for everyone. There was music playing, people dancing and picture taking. There were booths where you could throw a hacky sack and pop a balloon, a cotton candy machine, cannot have a carnival without cotton candy am I right? There was even a pie throwing booth, curtesy of the TKE fraternity.

The brothers from TKE came together with Ruben to try and make another booth for the students of St Francis to enjoy. The TKE fraternity in the last two years have been ranked in the top 10 out of the 250 TKE fraternities in America. They were also there in hope of raising money for conferences they attend where Brothers of the past come and give guidance and show and advise on how a true leader ought to be.

The environmental feeling you got as soon as you stepped in the cafeteria today was one of enjoyment, relaxing and in all peace. Students were able to have fun in a safe and close by environment. For a school to provide a gateway for students to unload after all their hard work is admirable. Thank you to Ruben Gonzales for putting together this amazing event, cannot wait what holds in store for next years.