With more than six months until primaries, New York mayoral candidates gathered at St. Francis College on April 3 for a heated debate.

The Brooklyn Reform Coalition invited the democratic party front runner Christine Quinn along with Public Advocate Bill De Blasio, former Comptroller Bill Thompson, current Comptroller John Liu and Sal Albanese.

The crowd got fired up over term limits.

Mayor Bloomberg infuriated many New Yorkers by successfully circumventing New York’s rules against running for mayor on three successive occasions.

De Blasio made note that he was strongly against this in 2008. Bill Thompson said it was all about “self interest”.

The crowd issued boos at Quinn when she said she supported the decision in 2008 and wasn’t going to speculate into the future and say it couldn’t happen again. De Blasio told the audience to listen as Quinn admits to having no issues undermining democracy.

With an alleged political bribery scandal ongoing in Queens, all the candidates condemned the allegations and Quinn said the scandal was “a complete abdication of public trust.”

Thompson discussed how he is going to fight for Long Island City Hospital to remain open. The candidates uniformly agreed that just because the hospital is a private hospital does not mean it should be left to close.

In regards to the living wage of NYC all candidates agreed that the living wage should be $11.50 per hour. According to livingwagenyc.org, “A living wage is a wage which is based upon the cost of living in an area, rather than an arbitrary minimum.”

The forum was sponsored by the Brooklyn Reform Coalition, which includes Bay Ridge Democrats, Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats (CBID), Independent Neighborhood Democrats (IND), Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn (LID), New Kings Democrats, Prospect Heights Democrats for Reform and Southern Brooklyn Democrats. This is just a first of many other debates before the primaries.

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