by Mary Lakhan

Earlier this evening, the St. Francis College Women’s Volleyball celebrated Senior Day in style as they concluded the 2019 season with a win against the Merrimack Warriors in three consecutive sets. Although the Terriers failed to make the playoffs, they recorded 14 victories this season, the highest win total since 1999.

Early in the first set, the Terriers went on a 9-3 run taking control of the set. They continued as they went on an 8-1 run to end the first set, 25-13. The second set was no different as the Terriers went on to take that set as well limiting the Warriors to 16 points.

However, in the third set, the Warriors made a comeback as they went on an 8-3 run bringing the score to 11-15. The Terriers in response to this stormed back with a 10-4 run as they claimed the third and final set, 25-22.

Top performers for the Warriors were Catherine Flaherty, Taylor Sawyer, Natasha Vallis, and Megan Rumenapp. Flaherty led her team with 7.5 points. She also recorded six kills and one dig. Sawyer tallied seven points and seven kills. Vallis finished with five points and five kills. Rumenapp assisted her team with nine assists.

For the Terriers, the top performers were Lauren Montgomery, Taris Pittman, Ally Spewick, Sidney Colvey, and Angelee Ng. Montgomery recorded 12.5 points, nine kills, and three digs. Pittman finished with 9.5 points, eight kills, and one dig. Spewick finished with 7.5 points, seven kills, and two digs. Colvey tallied 5.5 points, four kills, and six digs. Ng finished with 16 assists and five digs.

This evening, homage was paid to all seniors: Wies Hurkmans, Taris Pittman, Lauren Montgomery, and Sidney Colvey.

Wies Hurkmans

Middle blocker Wies Hurkmans finished the 2019 season with the third-highest block total as she recorded 65.0. She also recorded 143 kills, 12 digs, and 178.5 points.

Taris Pittman

Middle blocker Taris Pittman led her team with 98.0 blocks this season. She also came in fourth with 196 kills and recorded 24 digs and 246.0 points.

Lauren Montgomery

Outsider hitter Lauren Montgomery finished the season with the fourth-highest block total as she recorded tied with Hurkmans with 65.0 blocks. She also recorded 131 digs and the third-highest kills with 213 and tallied 259.5 points.

Sidney Colvey

Opposite hitter Sidney Colvey finished the season with 15.0 blocks and 13 digs. She also recorded 62 kills and 72.5 points.

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