by Mary Lakhan

Saturday afternoon at Loretto, PA, the St. Francis Brooklyn Women’s Basketball Team (5-9, 1-2) were defeated by the Saint Francis (PA) Red Flash (5-10, 3-1) 72-82.

The contest started with the Terriers and Red Flash head to head however with a good three-pointer from freshman guard Nevena Dimitrijevic and a good layup from junior forward Ally Lassen, the Terriers took a five-point lead, 9-4. Continuing with the same momentum, they went on to take the first quarter 20-15.

In the second quarter, the Terriers extended their lead to double digits in the fifth minute of play, 34-23. On a 3-0 run, the Red Flash cut the lead to seven to go into half time.36-29.

Entering the third quarter, the Red Flash on an 11-7 run continued to reduce the Terriers’ lead. With 2:41 on the clock, they would equalize at 51-51. They would go on to end the quarter with a two-point lead, 55-57.

 In the fourth quarter, the Red Flash stormed back as they went on a 12-5 run and then later on a 13-8 run to win the contest 72-82.

Top performers for the Red Flash were Karson Swogger, Haley Thomas, Sam Sabino, and Phee Allen.

Junior guard Karson Swogger led her team with 29 points in 35 minutes of play. She also finished with three rebounds, three assists, and landed four of five free throws and scored five of nine three-pointers.

Junior guard/forward Haley Thomas recorded 14 points in 34 minutes. She also recorded eight rebounds, four assists and landed two perfect shots at the free-throw line.

Redshirt senior guard Sam Sabino tallied 13 points in 18 minutes of play. She also finished with five rebounds, recorded one steal and landed three perfect shots at the free-throw line.

Sophomore guard Phee Allen finished with 10 points in 34 minutes. She also finished with four rebounds, six assists, and landed five of six free-throw shots.

For the Terriers, freshman guard Nevena Dimitrijevic led her team with 24 points in 36 minutes of play. She also recorded three rebounds, eight assists, landed two perfect shots at the free-throw line, and scored four of seven three-pointers.

Senior guard Jade Johnson finished with 20 points in 39 minutes of play. She also finished with one rebound, two steals, and landed nine of 10 free-throw shots.

Junior forwards Ally Lassen and Abby Anderson finished with a combined 15 points. Lassen finished with seven points, four rebounds, and two steals in 33 minutes. Anderson finished with eight points, two rebounds, three assists and one steal in 35 minutes of play.

Freshman guards Alyssa Fisher and Melody Van Ness finished with a combined 11 points. Fished finished with five points, three rebounds, one steal, and landed two perfect shots at the free-throw line in 18 minutes. Van Ness finished with six points, and two rebounds in 17 minutes of play.

The Terriers heads to Pittsburgh, PA as they will take on the Robert Morris Colonials at the UPMC Events Center on Monday, January 13, at 4 p.m.

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