by Mary Lakhan

Saturday afternoon inside the Steinberg Wellness Center, the St. Francis Brooklyn Women’s Basketball Team (7-17, 3-10) defeated the LIU Sharks (5-18, 4-8) by a score of 71-54. This was the second meeting of the two teams this season in which the Terriers won both contests.

Holding 10th place in the NEC, the Terriers must better their standing within their remaining five games as only the top eight teams will move on to the NEC Tournament playoffs.

Ryan Weise kick-started the contest with a jumper recording the Sharks’ first basket. Seconds later, Ally Lassen off the assist of Nevena Dimitrijevic would record the Terriers first two points tying the contest at 2-2. They would then go on a 17-10 run to end the quarter 19-12.

In the second quarter, the Sharks would go on an early 5-0 cutting the lead to 19-17. However, the Terriers would extend their lead on an 11-2 run taking their lead into double-digits, 30-19, as Abby Anderson scored a good layup at 2:34. Continuing on 8-4 run, the Terriers would head to the locker room with a 38-23-point lead.

In the third quarter, the Terriers started on a 17-6 run bringing the score to 55-29.  They took the quarter 58-33. In the fourth quarter, the Sharks outscored the Terriers 21-13. They went on an early 13-7 run bringing the score to 65-46. This forced Terriers head coach Linda Cimino to call a timeout at 3:53. The sharks would go on to record eight more points to end the contest. Despite their efforts, the Terriers took the contest 71-54. 

Top performers from the Sharks were Brandy Thomas, Ryan Weise, Kiara Bell, Paulani Tarawa, Shyla Sanford, and Mia Perkins.

Sophomore guard Brandy Thomas led her team with 13 points in 31 minutes. She grabbed six rebounds, assisted in four baskets, recorded three steals, and landed three of four shots at the free-throw line.

Sophomore guard Ryan Weise finished with 10 points in 36 minutes. She also finished with seven rebounds, two assists, one block, and scored two of seven attempted three-pointers.

Sophomore forward Kiara Bell recorded eight points in 18 minutes. She also grabbed 13 rebounds and recorded one block.

Junior guard/forward Paulani Tarawa and sophomore guard Shyla Sanford both tallied seven points. Tarawa finished with seven points, four rebounds, two assists, one block, one steal, and scored one of two free-throws in 28 minutes. Sanford finished with seven points, two rebounds, two assists, two steals, and scored one of five attempted three-pointers in 29 minutes.

Junior forward Mia Perkins grabbed nine rebounds, assisted in three baskets, and recorded three steals in 19 minutes of play.

From the Terriers, top performers were Nevena Dimitrijevic, Alyssa Fisher, Abby Anderson, Ally Lassen, and Jenna Jordan.

Freshman guard Nevena Dimitrijevic recorded 14 points in 32 minutes. She grabbed five rebounds, assisted in nine baskets, recorded three steals, scored two of three attempted three-pointers and landed two perfect shots at the free-throw line.

Freshman guard Alyssa Fisher finished with 14 points in 31 minutes. She grabbed a career-high of six rebounds, assisted in two baskets, recorded a career-high of four steals, scored one of three attempted three-pointers, and landed five of eight shots at the free-throw line.

Junior forward Abby Anderson finished with her season double-double of the season in 31 minutes. She recorded 13 points, a career-high of 13 rebounds, assisted in one basket, scored one of two attempted three-pointers and landed two of three shots at the free-throw line.

Junior forward Ally Lassen and freshman froward Jenna Jordan both tallied eight points. Lassen also grabbed two rebounds and assisted in one basket in 26 minutes. Jordan also grabbed four rebounds in 28 minutes.

Recording her first point of the season was Danae Barkley. In the third quarter with 0:24 on the clock, Barkley was sent to the line to shoot two. She recorded her first point, scoring one of two shots at the free-throw line.

The Terriers will be back in action on Friday, February 21, as they host the Bryant Bulldogs at the Physical Education Center, Brooklyn Heights, New York. Game tips off at 5 p.m.

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